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By World Experts
in Weather

10+ weather models

Ensure your safety at sea with most accurate weather models, such as: ECMWF, HRRR, AROME and more...


Marine Navigation Charts


Navigate with confidence using detailed NOAA nautical charts for precise course plotting.


Most trusted Tides
and Waves Data

20M sailors use

Stay informed about tides and waves with data from trusted experts at Windy.

Our Users Says

  • rewiew avarar
    Great app

    I spend a lot of time at sea, and have tried a number of popular weather apps. it's important need-to -know stuff, and so far I like this one the most. The others? Well, they got uninstalled.

  • rewiew avarar

    Helps me make the right decisions before going to sea. Accurate weather forecast and information about currents and waves help you avoid unforeseen situations.

  • rewiew avarar
    high accuracy of the weather forecast

    Like the other apps from this provider, the app has a nice appearance and, in my experience, provides accurate weather data. Although it is primarily an app for sailing sports, it is also very suitable for everyday weather.

  • rewiew avarar
    Love it

    Excellent forecast model options, more clearly presented than competitors' products.

  • rewiew avarar
    Routing 👍

    Maps and up-to-date weather help me avoid dangerous places and find the best routes

  • rewiew avarar
    Best app for sailing

    The app has all I need, the weather routing is really helpful. I love the simple view of all parameters and features, highly recommended!

All you need on board

NOAA Nautical Charts

NOAA Nautical Charts

Use detailed and accurate NOAA nautical charts for safe marine navigation. See water depths, locations of dangers, and aids for navigation.

Tides, Waves and Currents forecast

Tides, Waves and Currents

Get a 10 day overview of the tide heights and times, and an accurate wave and current forecast.

Big Picture Overview

Weather fronts & Pressure Map

Add weather fronts and atmospheric pressure to the weather map to see the big picture and anticipate weather changes.

Route Planing

Route Planing

Choose the best time for your sailing trip with detailed weather along your route. Extend and edit your route on the fly.

35000+ Live Weather Stations

35000+ Live Weather Stations

See real-time wind data from wind meters all around the world, to understand current conditions and adjust your plans.

Multiple Forecast Sources

Multiple Forecast Sources

Compare multiple forecast models to plan your perfect sailing experience and see the most likely scenarios.

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Choose the best time for your sailing trip with WindHub.

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Nautical Charts Coverage

coverage: USA, Hawaii, Samoa islands and Swains island
compass Whole USA
compass Hawaii
compass American Samoa Islands and Swains Island
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